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Honda Car Steering Wheel

Honda is one of Australia’s most popular car brands, and for good reason. These reliable cars are renowned for their comfort, strong resale value, and class leading efficiency. But just like any other car, it’s important to get your Honda regularly serviced in order to keep it in top working condition.

By getting your car serviced regularly by a Honda specialist mechanic, you can improve the lifespan and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Identifying and fixing small problems before they become major issues will save you money in the long term, as well as help keep you and your family safer on the roads.

No matter the make or model of your car, Honda recommends a service once every six months, or every 10,000km travelled— whichever comes first.

Experienced Honda Mechanic in Adelaide

If it’s been a while since your Honda was last serviced, it might be time to reach out to an expert for diagnostics. At Corjay Auto, our team has more than 20 years of industry experience and can perform repairs and services on all Honda makes and models. What makes Corjay Auto different from other mechanics is our dedicated Honda mechanic. When it comes to Hondas, it’s important to understand the unique servicing requirements for every model, with popular models like the Honda City, Honda CRV, and the Honda Civic. This specialised service is something you’ll find at Corjay Auto, where our Honda car servicing is performed by a highly trained technician. This helps to preserve the safety, performance and resale value of your car, so you know it’s ready to hit the road when you are.

Full Honda Repairs and Maintenance

The Corjay Auto workshop is fully equipped for all the repairs and services your Honda may need. One of the services we conduct frequently is Honda brake pads, as ensuring these are in good working condition is vital to your safety. Keeping your brakes and clutch in top shape is essential in emergency situations by enabling you to stop your car quickly.

Additionally, Corjay Auto has extensive experience conducting Honda battery replacements, and of course, a Honda logbook service. These are generally conducted by our Honda mechanic, which helps to ensure you receive the fastest and most reliable service, and that your manufacturer’s warranty is safe.

Taking your Honda car for its logbook service is an important part of vehicle maintenance. By keeping your car logbook up to date, you can be confident that your car is always running the way it should be. However, for Hondas in particular, keeping an accurate logbook can help to improve the resale price. As your logbook is a record of your car’s maintenance history, a well-kept logbook can add value to the sale price of your Honda if you are planning on selling or trading your car in the future. 

Find a Honda Car Service Near You

At Corjay Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the Honda mechanic Adelaide trusts. Our experienced Honda repair and service team can diagnose and repair any issues your Honda car may have. With a reputation for quality results in the Lockleys area, our mechanics can keep your car running smoothly and provide you with value in the future. If your Honda is in need of a service or a repair, give us a call on (08) 8120 4017 or fill out our online booking form.

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