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Corjay Automotive
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Ensuring your fleet of vehicles is well maintained is one of the best ways to keep your staff safe on the road. It’s important to ensure the service schedule of each fleet vehicle remains on track. This helps keep your vehicles up and running, while ensuring business operations remain uninterrupted.

With nearly three decades of experience, the dedicated team at Corjay Automotive has the knowhow to provide professional fleet servicing to businesses across South Australia.

Your Professional Fleet Mechanics

Reliability and safety are crucial to operating a fleet of vehicles. If they aren’t being maintained properly, it could become a safety hazard for your drivers and interrupt your business operation.

At Corjay Automotive, we work with our clients to maximise the efficiency of fleet vehicle servicing to ensure they are well maintained. For each vehicle in your fleet, we will provide:

  • Engine inspections
  • Oil services
  • Brake inspections and adjustments
  • Battery replacements
  • Spark plug replacements
  • Other standard servicing procedures

By keeping your maintenance schedule consistent, you will be able to keep your fleet running smoothly and safely.

We work with our customers to lessen this burden, offering an advanced software solution for management and scheduling

Trust Us With Your Next Fleet Service

Corjay Automotive is a name you can trust to keep your business on track. 

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to our enterprise customers, working closely with you and your business to keep your fleet running smoothly.

As a member of the Bosch family, we also carry the Bosch quality guarantee, so you always know you’re being looked after by a dedicated team of professional mechanics.

If you think we can help with your fleet servicing needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today by giving us a call on (08) 8120 4017 or filling out our online booking form.

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